Kristi has studied the art of Middle Eastern dance for over seven years.  She has taken
classes and workshops with many local and professional instructors in several different styles
of belly dance, including Synchronized Group Improvisation (SGI) tribal with internationally-
recognized instructor and performer Kajira Djoumahna, Tribal Fusion with Kami Liddle of the
Bellydance Superstars and Zafirah, and American Cabaret with Sonia Ochoa and Issam
Houshan of the Bellydance Superstars, Sadie Marquardt, as well as the incomparable Artemis
Mourat. Kristi has most recently studied the art of tribal improvisational style and DFTS (a form
of American Cabaret) belly dance with local professional performer and instructor Stefanie

In May 2009, Kristi became the first state-certified belly dance instructor in the United States by
completing the Dance for the Soul
TM Teacher Training program, a 15-month holistic program
approved by the Educational Approval Board of Wisconsin.  In September 2008, Kristi also
achieved certification as a Level I instructor in Kajira Djoumahna's BlackSheep Bellydance
synchronized group improvisational style bellydance. Kristi lives with her very supportive
husband and two lively sons in the Sheboygan, WI area. On those rare moments when she’s
not dancing, she works as an international market analyst for Kohler Co.

"I have always been drawn to dance. Whether it was on stage in a live performance, part of a
romantic scene in a movie, or seeing quiet couples suddenly jump up from their seats when a
favorite song plays at a wedding. Watching the magic of people dance has always made me
smile. But my own attempts to dance just didn't feel "right" and I was convinced that it wasn't for
me. The movements were uncomfortable, clumsy described me better than graceful, and my
body just didn't want to move.

"Then I noticed an ad for a new class and something told me to give "Middle Eastern Dance" a
try.  The first few classes felt awkward and I was sure that I was doing everything wrong, but
the most surprising  part was that I never left class with that feeling that it wasn't for me. I
couldn't believe it! I knew that I didn't dance like the woman learning next to me, and I certainly
didn't dance like my teacher, but it didn't seem to matter.  No one cared that I didn't dance like
them, or I wasn't just like them. The music enchanted me, the movements challenged me, and
the energy I felt amazed me. I left every class feeling accomplished, confident, and beautiful;
and it didn't take long to realize that I had finally found my Dance.

"Many classes, many years, many dances later, I have
come to firmly believe that there is a belly dancing goddess
within every woman. The movements of belly dance are
natural to a woman's body regardless of shape, color,
religion, culture, or any other label, and the freedom of
expression that flows from dance is both healing and
empowering for the soul. Whether it is cardiovascular
fitness, physical or emotional strength, personal discovery
or connection to a community that you seek - you can find
it in belly dance.”

As a member a troupe, Kristi enjoyed sharing her passion for belly dance with a group of
amazing women. “I was truly honored to dance with such a fabulous group of women and share
this art form with the world.” Discovering and falling in love with tribal belly dance has been a
phenomenal experience, and she looks forward to experiencing the spontaneous positive
energy that only improvisational dancing can provide.

"Everyone's journey to finding their passion is personal and unique. As a teacher and eternal
student, I look forward to sharing my own journey and love of dance with you. It's not my goal
to make you dance just like me, make you believe what I believe, or make you fall in love with
everything I love... I want you to find who YOU are, follow YOUR heart, and give you the
opportunity to be who YOU are in an open and positive environment."

Kristi Krueger is a belly dance instructor and
performer located in the Sheboygan, WI area.
Kristi offers performances, classes, and
workshops in both cabaret and tribal style belly
dancing. She is available to teach or perform
throughout Wisconsin and beyond.
Kristi & Chris Krueger
Photo by Julie Hirt
Kristi Krueger belly dance instructor
Kristi Krueger bellydancing
Kristi Krueger   (920) 946-5994
Belly dance (aka Middle Eastern dance) instructor / teacher and performer
in the Sheboygan, WI and surrounding areas

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